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    Healthy Tuck Shop Opening at playtime!

    Dear Parent/Carer,

    We are pleased to announce that the school will be opening a Healthy Tuck Shop after the half-term where we will be offering a range of affordable and healthier snacks for the children to buy at playtime. As always, fruit is available for free for children in EYFS and KS1  at playtime although all children are welcome at the tuck shop. 

    Our tuck shop will be opening on Monday 24th February and will be run by the Prefects. All items are 40p each and you will be able to purchase the snacks for the days you would like your child to visit the tuck shop via Parentmail. We will then print a list of children who have purchased a snack each day before playtime and these children will be asked to come and choose a snack from the tuck shop.  

    The following snacks will be available for the children to buy: box of raisins, popcorn, Bears fruit snacks, cheese strings, blueberry and vanilla rice cakes, mini cheddars, mini breadsticks, and Alpen summer fruits cereal bars. There will also be a gluten free option for children with allergies. 

    The Panther’s Pantry trolley

    Tuck shop purchases will be available on Parentmail shortly. Unfortunately children who have not had an item purchased for them via Parentmail will not be able to have a snack from the Tuck shop. 

    Warm regards,

    Mrs Fish

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    Wales Day 4

    Our last full day today and what a day it’s been.  
    We started by waking Tyler up to wish him a happy birthday before breakfast, the proceeded to eat our way through mountains of Bacon, eggs, sausages, beans and toast.
    We’ve done raft building, Abseiling and bush craft today. The Bushcraft taught us how to survive in the wild and we were lighting fires and building shelters. The raft building meant we had to work as a team otherwise we’d sink and for the Abseiling we just needed to be brave.
    We’ve just had a room inspection from the teachers and have packed our things ready for the off tomorrow. We’re not done quite yet though as we are having a camp fire tonight after we’ve had our roast dinner and crumble.
    We’re leaving at 10am tomorrow and the teachers have told us that we’ll be home to you between 3.30-4pm, we have really missed you all. Mr Coster has told us that he’ll update you on our journey via Parentmail (whatever that means!)
    See you soon. All our love.
    Year 6.


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    Wales Day 3

    Hello Mums and Dads,
    Sorry this is a bit late.
    Another great day today, we swapped over activities and did what we didn’t have a chance to do yesterday, that was after we’d had waffles for breakfast. The weather wasn’t as good today, imagine it raining in Wales eh? This meant that the group that went out had to be a little more careful in the caves but it made the Waterfall we saw look just magnificent.
    We’ve been out playing tonight, the teachers beat us at football but you can’t win them all.
    We’re just spending another half hour playing some board games and relaxing in front of a film before we hit the sack. Tomorrow we’re abseiling, learning to survive in the wild and building rafts. 
    We miss you all but we’re having a fabulous time.
    Love you all.

    Year 6. X


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    Wales day 2

    Our first full day has been eventful!
    We woke up to wish Kourosh a happy birthday, the boys sharing his room weren’t too happy that he woke up at 6am to open his gifts! We then tucked into a full English breakfast and then split into 2 groups for a day of hill walking, mountains, caves and waterfalls in the Brecon Beacons. Some of us stayed back at base to Kayak, using the indoor climbing wall and cave.
    The day has been brilliant, so many lovely moments. We got wet, we were scared, we needed to work physically hard and trust ourselves and everyone around us.
    We’re currently raiding the tuck shop and are looking forward to dinner later. 
    This evening we’re going to play some sports, indoor games and we’ll have a quiz before getting a good nights sleep. We’re swapping activities tomorrow so we’ll do the things we didn’t do today and we can’t wait.
    Love you very much.
    Year 6.

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    Wales Day 1

    Wales – Day #1
    We’ve had a great first day.
    The drive went perfectly and we stopped off twice, once for toilets and once for lunch. We arrived just after 2pm and our instructors gave us a tour and a welcome talk before we made our own beds and settled into our rooms. Everyone was happy about who they got to share with.
    We’ve spent this afternoon walking the river, something we loved. It was slimy, slippy and because of the rain the river was running really quickly. We worked in 3’s and one of us was blindfolded, some of us got very, very wet but the suits, wellies and helmets we were given helped keep us dry and safe.
    We’re currently having some time in our rooms before dinner at 6, we can choose Pasta or Chicken Pie tonight. We’re then going to relax and watch a film before lights out at 9pm, we’ll need the sleep, tomorrow is a busy day!
    Speak to you all soon.
    All our love – Year 6.

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    Pemberley All Stars Club

    Looking for something to do over May half term but you’re not the sporty type? We’ve got you covered.

    In addition to our regular sports camp we’ll now be offering an All Stars club, run by our teaching staff, that will focus on a huge number of creative activities for all children and at only £10 per child per day, at an affordable price.

    Contact details are on the poster and this is open to children at all schools across the town.

    Pemberley All Stars Club Poster – Email tamzin.lewis@pemberleyacademy.co.uk, call the office on 01279 215745, or contact Miss West, Miss Carnegie or Miss Lewis
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