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    The learning and development of the pupils is at the core of everything that is done at Pemberley and we focus on this everyday.

    The teachers are continuously developing their own practice to ensure that children of all learning abilities are catered for and this is tracked by the school leadership every half term to build a picture of what every learner requires on their journey. We also work extensively with partners in the wider community to ensure that all pupils and their families are supported so each child develops rapidly.


    We aim to provide a school trip every half term and believe in the reach2 mantra of ’11 before 11’ which is the insistence of 11 quality experiences before each learner leaves us.

    In the main the trips will be based around the topics the children are studying but some may be more general and look to broaden other aspects of the children life.


    “Exceptional experiences everyday”
    Our own mission statement is built around that of Reach2 the academy trust we are proudly part of and is based on the insistence that every day, both in and outside of the classroom the pupils have access to exceptional experiences. By achieving this we are positioning our pupils to be successful, and fulfilled young people with high aspirations.


    Physical education is an absolute cornerstone of life at Pemberley and the pupils have access to two sessions per week, one of which takes place with a highly qualified sports coach. These sessions will develop a love of Physical education and focus on high levels of activity, body management and movement as well as elements of competitive sport.

    Our enrichment programme offers a variety of Physical education options including football, basketball, Zumba, Netball and Karate to name a few. We also offer outlets in the form of an extensive fixtures programme to allow our children to compete locally against other children.

    Swimming is also part of our year 3 curriculum and the pupils have the opportunity to swim once a week across two terms.

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