Year Four

Welcome to Alaska Class!


  • Mr Harvey
  • Mr Whitbread

Class Information

Weekly Timetable

Long Term Map

Topics that we will be covering throughout the year are:

  • Autumn 1: Burps, Bottoms and Bile   
  • Autumn 2: Traders & Raiders   
  • Spring 1: I am Warrior  
  • Spring 2: The Blue Abyss
  • Summer 1: Road Trip USA  
  • Summer 2: Playlist

Important Information

  • Special Days:
    • watch this space
  • PE Day: Wednesday/Friday
    (But please ensure PE kit is in school at all times)
  • Reading Books changed when book is completed and signed at home.

Useful Links

  • Websites:
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  • Topic Links:
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  • Video Links:
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