Pupil Premium

The Pemberley Academy

Pupil Premium Spending Plans for Academic Year 2016-2017

Number of Pupils and Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) received in 2015/2016

Total Number of Children eligible for PPG 15

Amount of PPG received per child £1,320

Expected Pupil Premium £19,800



  • To reduce the in-school attainment gap between PPG and non PPG pupils in reading, writing and maths.
  • To ensure high attainment of more-able and gifted and talented PPG pupils.
  • To increase targeted extended school opportunities for PPG pupils.
  • To increase the range of services available to support the wellbeing of PPG pupils.
  • To increase the punctuality and attendance of PPG pupils through increased monitoring and engagement with families.


Spending Plans for 2015/16

Attainment and Progress

  • Support underachieving pupils in literacy and numeracy by providing quality first teaching, supported by well-trained classroom support staff.
  • Small group intervention
  • Additional specialised support staff particularly in Y1/2 specifically for phonics and reading support.
  • Target underachieving PPG pupils through additional after school, Saturday classes and holiday tuition.
  • Targeted free clubs for PPG pupils including reading, maths, art, writing, music, extended provision.
  • Increased targeted parent workshops on how to engage and support children in their learning.


Well-being and pastoral support

  • Support PPG pupils with identified barriers to learning through a range of targeted interventions with appropriate members of the behaviour/ nurture support team.
  • Early support for PPG pupils with special educational needs whilst awaiting SEN funding.
  • Additional LSA support for statemented PPG pupils, where appropriate.
  • Attendance/ Family Support
  • Dedicated time for Educational Welfare Officer to take additional action where vulnerable PPG pupil attendance remains below national average.


*All expenditure at present is unconfirmed.

Pupil Premium Planned Spending BreakdownBrief Details (including year groups involved in this initiative or action)Planned Expenditure
Monitoring of attendance.Ensuring that PP pupils are attending school.£1,000
Funding for all trips, visits and clubs.Extra- curricular inclusion£9,000
Financial funding for pupils to attend clubs in the community.Making sure that PP pupils have life opportunities Outside of school hours.£1,000
Employment of additional adult for interventions and classroom supportIncrease in academic standards.£6,000
Overtime and additional staff costs related to holiday and Saturday sessionsIncrease in academic standards£1,000