After School Clubs

We run a variety of after school clubs throughout the year. Letters for the next half term will be sent home at the end of each current half term. Parents will then be able to purchase club spaces via ParentMail. Clubs are normally charged at £2 per session, although some invite-only sessions do not have a fee.

From September through May, in preparation for Year 2 SATs, other Tuesday clubs will not be an option for Year 2 pupils. Mr Coster believes that the additional support provided on a Tuesday evening in SATs club would be beneficial to all year 2 pupils.



Please check Parentmail for up to date details of the clubs we offer Monday to Friday, 3pm till 4pm. Some of the clubs we offer include:



Breakfast Club

Pemberley Academy provides a Breakfast Club facility for the whole school. It costs £2 per day/per child and starts at 7.30am. It is supervised by a member of Pemberley staff.

The breakfasts available are: toast (jam optional), a variety of cereals, milk, juice and water. (This selection of breakfasts may vary from time to time and is also dependant on what time your child arrives). Breakfast is served up to 8.15am.

If you wish for your child to use the Breakfast club facility, then we require payment to be made in advance for the days that you wish your child to attend. This can be made using our Parentmail system, an online cashless system.

School Holidays

During selected School Holidays, some Pemberley staff run Sports or Arts and Crafts clubs. Check social media for specific details. These clubs are open to Pemberley and non-Pemberley children.

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